Berkeley Building Company

From the beginning, Berkeley Building Company was founded with the mission of “more thought per square foot”. With a leading residential designer as the founder, how could it not be? At Berkeley, our world revolves around the design and construction of remarkable homes. No matter the size and no matter the price, every Berk eley home represents a level of sophistication and style that reflects our passion for memorable and timeless homes. 

You won't find any cookie-cutter homes here. Our homes shout personality - because at Berkeley, that's what we're all about. Berkeley Building Company strives for a unique balance between the efficiencies of traditional homebuilders and the quality and design of custom homebuilders. The result is an efficient homebuilding process and homes as unique as their buyers.

Whether it’s the quality of construction or the extra thought put into the design, with Berkeley Building Company you always know you are getting an exceptional home. As a home builder, we are building structures that will be here for a very long time. If we want to be able to look at ourselves in the mirror, we have a responsibility to our clients, the land, and future generations to try our hardest to do the right thing.

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Berkeley Building Company

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